Love for Nature


"Carbohydrates are fattening; pasta, bread, rice and their derivatives increase the flab, as well as constipate and increase the costiveness.."

"The starch is addictive.. that's why it's so difficult to stop eating bread or pasta.. you know when you eat the special chips, not the classic ones, such as I know, those made of cheese, or the Pringles, etc??.. You know that you can't stop and eat one after the other without realising it??.. It is because they contain starch, modified for more, not even natural.. It's all about the market: the modified starch has nothing to do with those foods, but they use it anyway, so you finish them soon and buy again.. and who cares if they hurt you, it's important that you buy them.."

"Most widespread chips contain glutamate, which is one of the world's deadliest chemical substances.."

"Aspartame is a sweetener of animal origin and they put it in all drinks where is written, 'no sugar added,' and in medicines.. The problem is that aspartame is deadly.."

"People eat crap food and don't know what they are getting.. you say to people, "Look that contains glutamate, which is very bad," but people eat anyway.. Instead, if you say, "Look, that contains dog piss," you see how they stop!!.. This is because people are not educated about these things.. Everyone knows what is dog piss and sucks at all, but almost no one knows what is glutamate, so it is neither hot nor cold to anyone.. What a pity.."

"Now, the food has become a joke, a game.. when you go to a party, there is no party if there is no junk food.. I have never been to a party where the main attraction was a nice basket of fresh fruits, which can be enjoyed in the company.. Only crap, blach.."

"Eating should be a pleasure.. You shouldn't eat sitting around the table.. The apple falls off the tree and you eat it under the tree or on a walk.. the same also with figs, pears, oranges, mandarins, almonds, walnuts.."

"All to no avail, you can harass people with ehretism or veganism as you want, but they still won't believe it.. Food has gone to their head, they don't believe because they don't WANT to believe it.. "Who cares if I'll feel bad, the important is that I eat my share of daily crap, which delights my palate and makes me feel cool", they say.."

"People know they don't know a lot about nutrition, that's why they are addressed to doctors and nutritionists.. Uh, but they base their knowledge on what they have been taught and now you know it's completely wrong.."

"Here is how people think: they think everything is good except the fat.. They say, "I am fit and healthy because I eat a lot of meat, so much of everything, but no sweet", as if to say that you can eat infinity anything you want, but no fat, so you stay fit.. Huh.."

"But if people know that certain foods are bad, why do they keep on eating them??.. Mmm.. but if people know that smoking kills, why do they keep on smoking??.. For they say, "I have other things to think about but the consequences of smoking.. I have other things to think about but the diseases I'll get keeping on eating this".. Oh yes.. And they also say, "But I don't care what happens to me, right now I feel good and I do what I want, smoke what I want, eat what I want and the others get by alone".. And this would be the sapiens??.."

"I want you for mucus army!, say the industries.. Oh.. how frightening.."

"I wonder why people always judge themselves too fat and don't like them.. Uh, because in the nature of human, fat is synonymous with malnutrition and then disgust, disease.. is inherent in the nature of the living beings the association thinness - well-being (and beautiful complexion), fatness - malaise (dysfunction and complications).."

"I'd like to clarify once and for all, a mystery that has always haunt the people: why you get sick only in the winter and never in summer??.. Here is the answer: the cold hurts the body, which, for shelter, reacts by producing a particular protein, able to protect tissues in such a way that the cold cannot damage them.. because you know, proteins, below a certain temperature, die.. However, there is a but, so that this protein is produced, the entire body must be clean.. The body cannot produce this substance if the middle is the mucus.. Here is that the body is quick to dissolve it, to eliminate toxins as soon as possible, otherwise the organs risk freezing.. That's why when you take a chill you get immediately a cold: at first you eliminate mucus from the head, because the brain is very important to protect.. Then comes fever: the elimination of mucus spreads to your whole body.. Then pneumonia: the lungs are important too, that you believe.. and so on..
A perfectly clean body, instead, manages immediately to produce the magical protein, never gets sick and resists well even at low temperatures.. Seeing is believing!!.."

"Meat makes people evil.. All those people who go crazy, mistreat and kill the others, it's because of the flesh.. The flesh is rotting substance; in the body it rots and develops powerful cadaverous poisons, which reach the brain.. And if the brain is touched, are serious trouble!!..
In fact, the evil guys are always the leanest: they eat a lot of meat and meat doesn't fatten, but develops poisons.. While plump people eat mostly sweets and other substances, but little meat.. Therefore these people are harmless, not bad.."