Love for Nature


As mentioned in previous lessons, mucus and toxic substances can be put into circulation more easily through the vibrations of the body. Through special exercises, combined with the mucusless diet, you can get rid of obstructions more quickly. Remember, though, that if you're not fit or if you feel you're going through a period of intense elimination of mucus, you should not overdo efforts; if you feel tired, rest! But if you feel strong, do as more exercise as possible, but never exceed your limits.
You might as well walk long distances, climb the mountains (great for breathing), dance (for the joints), sing (to remove mucus from throat and vocal cords), etc... Take care of your body and you'll earn health! Don't take physical exercise as a duty but as a pleasure.

Remember: air is the most important source of food for life, so NEVER DO PHYSICAL EXERCISES IN A CLOSED OR FOUL ROOM! It's better in the open air, or in front of a window, always breathing deeply. It is best to start the exercises early in the morning after rising, by wearing loose clothing in order to allow to best the movements without much effort.

The most effective exercises are in particular those of force (stretch your arms forward or upward, reaching the limit), twist (arms, legs and chest, the latter good for stimulating the liver), bending (forward or backward, to better develop the chest); remember to inhale and exhale always deeply between a movement and the other, listening to music, if you like.
If at the beginning you feel pain or you're very harsh, it's a clear sign that you need to exercise and that, by persisting, you will gain elasticity.


Whenever you have the opportunity (except in periods of strong elimination of mucus), take some time to do some sunbathing. Sun baths are nothing more than exposure to sunlight; tan, in summary!
At the beginning, when you start to follow the mucusless diet, stay in the sun a short time (half an hour) and keep your head covered. The more you are free from mucus, the more you want to enjoy sunbathing and the more you resist to high temperatures. Every now and then, during the sun bath cool with a short shower or dampen your skin with a cloth.

The sun is the most important source of energy, even for the human body; in fact, much more than food, it gives strength and power through the warm rays directly on the skin, increasing the feeling of well-being and promoting the healing of some slight illnesses (such as colds); but not only! You may not believe this, but sun also helps to heal the myopia and presbyopia; you'll wonder how it is possible: simply starring at the sun. Oh I know, everyone says it hurts if you look at the sun, but in reality it's the ultraviolet rays to heal the eye diseases, believe it or not. Of course, the benefits are greater if simultaneously you follow the mucusless diet, otherwise simply watching the sun will not be enough.

Even air baths are very important, as much as sunbathing; therefore, stay as much as you can in the open air; in the morning, when you get up, spend a few minutes in front of the window and do the same in the evening before going to sleep.


During the transition diet it's a good idea to wash the colon with warm water, preferably after each evacuation. This because it may very well happen that a bit of mucus accumulates on the colon walls and a complete evacuation may become difficult. The best time to do an enema is in the evening before going to sleep.


If you have heard it's good to do often cold baths, regardless of the weather, don't take our word for it: the thermal shock is not good for the body. The skin should be kept purified to allow the pores to function properly; but there's no need to make a full bath every day! Just get wet your hands and rub them over the entire surface of your body. You can do this operation at any time you like, preferably in the morning, after the exercises.

I must remind you once again that, for both physical exercises, and for sunbathing, and for the food, the extremes are very harmful; eat only until you feel full, do exercises only until you begin to feel pain, stay in the sun until you feel discomfort, but


In this lesson you learned that:
  • physical exercises (such as walking, singing or body movements), combined with the mucusless diet, help greately to eliminate toxins (thanks to the vibrations of the walls);
  • since air is the primary source of life, do not do physical exercises in a closed room;
  • sun is the primary source of energy and therefore must be exploited as much as possible; remain in the sun whenever you get the chance;
  • after each evacuation is advisable to do enemas, that is, baths inside the colon;
  • the skin should be kept clean (preferably every day) through simple rubbing with warm water;
  • AVOID EXTREMES in anything; when you reach your limit, stop and don't exceed it, otherwise you'll get hurt.