Love for Nature


It has been experienced that in a woman perfectly free from obstructions (who, therefore, has followed closely and completely the mucusless diet) the menstrual cycle disappears. Well, besides the body, poor thing, tries to get rid of that harmful mucus in all possible ways, and this is perhaps the most painful and embarrassing way a woman can ever experience in her life; no animal in Nature happens this to, except to the civilised dogs.
With the mucusless diet, a perfectly clean woman can lead a healthy pregnancy with no disturbances, headaches or other various symptoms; she'll develop more abundant and of higher quality milk, and won't feel pain during childbirth; the child to be born will be certainly purer than a child born of an "impure" woman, civilised; as a result, this child will not cry a lot and will be quieter. It is not a guess, it's all testified. Try it for yourself.
IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO START A RADICAL CHANGE IN DIET DURING PREGNANCY, OR WHILE NURSING; this should be done at least two or three months before conception.


If the mother's milk is not enough or is not pleasing to the child, don't give him cow's milk, as it is too rich and heavy, it can't be digested by an infant; if you really want to do it, dilute half with water and sweeten with honey or fructose. Between meals, begin immediately to feed your baby with some teaspoon of fresh juice and honey mixed with water, or prepare some fruit homogenised, but don't buy them: those on the market are too fortified with calcium and other substances that your child does not need. You'll see, your baby will like the sweet fresh fruit, a sign that all along man knows what is the true food suitable for him.
I'd like you to know, once and for all, why children should be fed with mother's milk only up to a certain period and then stop: the intestinal flora of the newborn is poor and needs all those elements that allow him to be able to dispose of the digested food; breast milk is the only one that can satisfy this request, which is why it is so necessary during weaning. Once weaned, that is once the child's intestinal flora is full, breast milk is no longer required and you can immediately begin to feed the baby with different foods, such as fruits.

One important thing: you do not have to compare the weight of your child with the average weight of babies, because the latter have been fed wrong and consequently have too many pounds of milk and other decomposed substances in the body.
A child who is nourished from the beginning with good healthy and non mucus-forming food, may be grown very well only with fresh fruits, without falling into the "trap" of recommended foods for kids, dangerous and packaged. You should never, ever accustom your child to consuming industrial products and even those mucous of the throng. Only then he can grow healthy and strong, but above all without ever becoming ill. And if by accident he were to get some slight cold, don't run immediately to the pharmacy or doctor: have patience, give him plenty of fruits and warm drinks and you'll see he will heal quickly, once and for all.
How many parents aspire to see their children growing in perfect health? With the mucusless diet, applied and followed since childhood, it is more than possible.


Now take this example: the mother is the quality of the soil where it will grow a plant, the father represents the quality of the seed of the future plant; now, if the seed is in excellent condition, but is planted in poor and not very fertile soil, the seedling will grow, yes, but its life will always be weak and ill; instead, if the soil is good, but the seed sick, the seedling will not grow at all! Do you understand the comparison? If you understand, reflect and believe it, then you'll finalise also that doctors have studied, worked and researched on "dirty" bodies, obstructed, civilised and fed by unnatural food, food that doctors themselves claim to be healthy and balanced for humans.

For decades, in many countries, it's believed that humans should mate with "non-kin" human and that incest, as well as being considered an immoral act, is harmful to the child. This is true because nowadays, given the amount of constipation in humans, genetic diseases can be doubled and thus inherited by the child. But if both individuals are pure, if they follow the mucusless diet, it's almost impossible for the child who will be born to be affected by any genetic disease. WARNING: I'm not promoting incest, absolutely! I'm just doing simple reasoning.


Have you ever noticed that great geniuses, great men, artists and inventors were all from poor families? You can very well understand for yourself why: the poor of the past could not afford to buy fine foods at the market; they had more than their own backyard, where they planted vegetables, fruits and potatoes perhaps, and they used to eat ONLY that.
Just think that centuries ago, during the Black Death, in Italy, there were young people who took shelter for several years in Florence, having nothing to eat; two of them were married and founded the famous Medici family, great men, artists and scientists.
However, believe it or not, two bodies perfectly pure attract much more than two constipated bodies.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • the woman's menstrual cycle is simply the elimination of dirty and bad blood and disappears slowly with mucusless diet;
  • a baby must be fed for a few months only with the mother's milk; after weaning, it can also be fed only with homemade fruit homogenised; once grown, you'll see that it will grow strong and healthy eating only fresh fruit;
  • you believe all along that incest was to be avoided not only because considered immoral, but mainly because of genetic diseases, which would become more serious in children; now you know that if two people are pure, this does not happen and a consanguineous marriage would be possible (it's only a theory, not a promotion of incest);
  • two people perfectly clean and free of obstructions attract more than two people constipated.