Love for Nature




    This simple illness is nothing else but elimination of mucus through the genitals and can be easily cured by fasting and the mucusless diet, unless it has already been treated with drugs for a long time, then it would always be possible, but more slowly. For women it's called Leucorrhea.
    If this disease reaches the bones, skin symptoms may occur, eczema and halos around the eyes, and these are called syphilitic symptoms.
    I'd like to inform you that in the animal kingdom gonorrhea and syphilis do not exist, they belong purely to civilised mankind; then you will understand that those responsible for this disease are drugs and poor nutrition.
    This and other sexually transmitted diseases can be cured by the mucusless diet, with long periods of fasting, and with a long preparative diet. Remember that AIDS is a disease too, and, as such, can be easily defeated.


As you know, all living beings are the result of the coupling between a man and a woman. And you also know that everyone inherits their parents' genetic particulars. Then you will understand that even if only one parent is ill, that disease will almost certainly be transmitted to the child. From what you have learned so far, you will understand that most people have their body full of mucus, and the uterus of women is no exception; try to imagine now a child that develops among sticky and harmful mucus, among toxins and poisons! Then you will understand the importance of having a clean body and free from waste: the generations descending from these people (perfectly purified) will also be pure and healthy, and they will grow this way, pure and healthy, if they won't be contaminated by the civilization diet.
Many children born today have several, and sometimes serious, diseases; now you know why and you also know that this could be easily avoided.


Love is part of vitality, regeneration, health and happiness. Nature does not listen to man, but man must listen to Nature if he wants to feel happy. There are people declared infertile who have healed through the mucusless diet, and now don't say it is impossible to conceive though being affected by infertility!
If you do not know, even prostitution can be considered a disease; through this diet, it could disappear, as well as could disappear sexual desire at inadequate moments and, as a result, sexual abuse.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • even the sexual ones are diseases and, as such, can be cured by fasting and the mucusless diet;
  • if a parent has their body clogged, the baby will never be born completely pure, in fact: it could happen to be born with genetic diseases or other diseases that will condition his whole life;
  • the mucusless diet can eliminate even prostitution and sexual abuse.