Love for Nature


In summary, you have learned that fasting is the best and most natural to cure diseases. And that there is a great confusion in dietetics, and that doctors keep on prescribing different diets, trying to treat different diseases, however aggravating the situation of their patients, whatever situation it is. All their stats, nutritional values, recommended daily amounts of food, etc.., are all vain and useless, until they continue to take food for its nutritional properties, instead of its healing and purifying powers.
Here is a list of some foods potentially harmful and highly mucus-forming:


any type of meat (white, lean, game...) is material in a decomposition state and creates cadaveric poisons and uric acid in the body (think about the state of a steak left in the sun for a few minutes, you'll understand in your body...); you should eat raw meat, freshly hunted, in order to absorb the blood of the animal, but I challenge you to do it! Eat rather blackberries, blueberries or raspberries: look at that beautiful red colour of their juice, doesn't it look like your blood?
Consider just the fact that humans haven't developed teeth like those of lions, they are not sharp and long; if you look carefully you'll notice that humans have incisors much larger and long, just like those of rabbits: man must NIBBLE fruits and not TREAT INTO PIECES the flesh; man, therefore, is fruitarian and not omnivorous as everyone thinks.


they are almost worse than meat, because they contain a lot of proteins, unused by the body, and because the white is very viscous and sticky, it sticks to the walls and creates a lot of constipation.


milk is one of the foods that produce glue; if you want to drink it, it should be diluted by half with water, making it less harmful; only sour milk and buttermilk are relatively harmless; the "cottage cheese" (or soft fresh cheese) is fine only during the transition diet, but all other cheeses are too acidic and mucous.


they all produce acid and friction in the body, developing calories, and block the tiny capillaries; even vegetable fats aren't used by the body and form mucus; hey, animals don't eat fat, why should man do it?


cereals and all flours form mucus and acid; the worst is the white flour (because it produces a strong glue), less harmful are bran and whole flour; if toasted, cereals become a good "broom" for the body, but still contain high stimulant substances.


lentils, beans, dried peas and peanuts are acceptable only in small quantities, as they are very rich in protein; it's true that they are plant proteins, but they are not used by the body and therefore accumulate along with the rest of the mucus.


they are less harmful because they contain many minerals, but are also very starchy; only well-fried or toasted they become almost mucusless.
Boiled potatoes are useful for gathering the mucus dissolved by the fruits and sweeping it away in large quantities from the intestine along with the vegetables.


other food very sticky and mucous; rice is probably the primary cause of leprosy, believe it or not. Leave rice to soak for one night and then fry it: now that's less harmful.


are very rich in protein and should be eaten sparingly, along with sweet dried fruits, but NEVER with juicy fruits, otherwise they will develop gases and cause harm.

All these foods, in order to be eaten without damage, must be prepared in a certain manner; in fact, au naturel they don't have flavour. All those refined foods that people call "delicious", are in fact absurd: the true flavour of these foods is covered by various dressings and spices: it's the art of the real chef, capable of transforming bitter and unpleasant food into works of art, tasting fat and unnatural; people say, "I like this food, it's very tasty"; yes, but what they like in reality? The DRESSING, not the food itself. Absurd, isn't it? But you'll see, once you are completely clean and free of obstructions, you will lose any interest in these foods, in fact: you will find them almost uneatable and you won't be able even to stand the smell.
Isn't it funny that people find "good and healthy" what is actually decaying, half rotten and shabby? Try and take a plate of all those thoroughly cooked foods (as the throng like) and leave it there for a few hours: will you still want to eat it?

But all these words are vain, if everyone cares about their own palate, instead of experiencing firsthand the road to health; we can't continue talking and trying to teach what is right, healthy and really good, if no one takes the initiative of starting the mucusless diet. Unfortunately, nowadays that's the problem of the throng: it is too full of prejudices, and doesn't believe what goes against the grain, against the universal ideas, against the speeches of doctors, against the famous "food science," against the thinking of "educated" people.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • the vast majority of the foods people consume are too full of nutrients to be considered healthy and genuine;
  • a completely free body (or almost) of obstruction can't stand even the smell of the throng food;
  • people will never believe everything written so far, because are full of prejudices; people don't believe, because they don't want to believe in thoughts that go against the grain.