Love for Nature


Trust me when I say if you gradually eliminate the breakfast habit you will feel better, more concentrate and you'll enjoy the lunch. The first few days you may feel slight sensations, such as headaches, but it lasts few days and, after that, you'll really feel more at ease. Just think that some severe cases are treatable with the only "non-breakfast diet", without making any changes to patients' diet: from here you can deduce that the breakfast habit is by far the worst of all.
If you are used to drink coffee in the morning, you can still drink it; over time you'll replace it with broth or lemonade, provided you don't ingest ANY solid food.


Some cases of severe diseases can be healed with a 24-hours fast. If you want to eat something, you'd better do it between 15 and 16, with fruits and vegetables (the transition diet), so that it can be considered as a single meal.


Remember: never fast for too long. If you really want to fast, start by deleting the breakfast, then do a 24-hour fast; resume eating (transition diet) for a few days and gradually increase the number of fasting days and continue to alternate days of fasting with those of meals. This way you'll offer your body a chance to dissolve the mucus in the days of abstinence from food and to eliminate it in large quantities with meals. This is the best way to cleanse your body without causing damages.


You can well imagine how wrong it is to feed a patient with pneumonia, for example. This way you just worsen his situation; you should have learned by now. On the contrary, what you should do is to air well the room, give him enemas, laxatives and fresh lemonade; this is enough to heal even from simple pneumonia, instead of listening to the doctors.


Reread carefully Lesson VI, the part about metabolism. Now you know what it really happens when people think that during fasting you are digesting your own flesh: it is nothing but metabolism of mucus and waste. Whatever is located inside each cell is not useful in the transformation of food into energy; the vast majority of it is just waste that the cell is desperately trying to eliminate, but which is continuously re-introduced, each day, three times a day. Poor cell!
The cleaner you are, the easier it is to fast. Now you know the reason of this mystery, too: the body, free from obstruction and mucus, for the first time works correctly! Then, you'll be able to live only on air and water, without feeling the need to introduce solid food: this is the SUPERIOR FAST, a superior physical and mental condition, that the throng don't even imagine, that no one imagines, unless he went through it; you will feel reborn, you will experience a pleasant shock through your body and it'll seem that all misery of your life have been only a dream; you'll shout joyfully and you'll enjoy a paradisiac health. This must be the TRUE condition of mankind and not the one you always feel when you eat the throng food, thinking you're feeling well.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • some diseases, even serious ones, can be partially treated with the non-breakfast diet;
  • other diseases can be cured with the 24-hours fast;
  • progressively alternating days of fasting with days of meal, you aid your body to expel mucus quickly without damage;
  • it's NECESSARY to fast in cases of acute illness, without introducing solid food and ABSOLUTELY not taking drugs;
  • once purified the body from all obstructions, you'll enjoy a superior health and be able to fast more easily without ever feeling the need of solid food: this is the "superior fast".