Love for Nature



Fasting is the first medicine in nature against any disease.

From what you have learned so far, you can fine deduce why nowadays fasting is considered dangerous and unhealthy. FASTING means not introducing any solid food, and doctors are convinced that in this way the body is self-consumed. Medicine affirms that, and the throng listens and agrees. Actually, doctors and scientists don't know that fasting is a form of self-medication, the most common in Nature. Animals have no medicines to trust in when they feel sick, which is why Nature has provided a very effective remedy: NO EATING.
But today, if you tell someone that you have not had lunch or you went sleeping without supper, he glares at you and tells you in this way you will starve. But it's not true: if you're sick and you fast, you heal quickly and with no sufferings.
But fasting should not be random: you don't have to fast for an arbitrary time, but you must take it rationally. If you are fasting for too long (and not knowing what happens in your body when it doesn't receive the minimum solid food), you really risk dying, as happens to anorexics. No one (or almost) can explain the reason why this happens and you think it's because the body "eats" itself. Here is revealed the mystery:
if you conducted for a long time (many decades) any diet, but other than the mucusless one, you have the body clogged with waste, as you now know; if you brusquely break off your eating habit with prolonged fasting, your body begins to dissolve the mucus, which, together with toxins, drugs, acids and other poisons, flows into the blood. At the beginning, the first few days, you'll feel good, better than when you were eating, because you've digested the accumulated mucus in your stomach and intestines; but in the long run, first you'll feel a strong desire for food and you'll feel unhappy (here is what you have learned - when the mucus enters into circulation, substances now present in the cells make you desire unnatural food), and you'll blame the lack of food; second, and this fundamental and serious, waste will accumulate in certain areas of your body, especially in the capillaries, so thin that it takes little to block them. And now here it can happen something really dangerous: the blood is impure, coagulates, clogs the arteries and no longer circulates as before. Result: your body is likely to "choke" by your own waste, your own toxins, your very harmful and unnecessary mucus.

For this reason a fast should be conducted in a rational way: you have to know first HOW MUCH you're clogged inside (with a short fast), cleanse at least in part with the transition diet and THEN, if you feel like it, you can take a real long fast without risks and damage to your body.
Maybe you're not so much clogged as described above; in this case a prolonged fast will not be so risky, you won't die. Of course, at the beginning it's normal that you will feel nostalgia for the food, and perhaps you will feel even weaker, because your body is now taking advantage of the forces to get rid of mucus; but if you resist and not yield to any temptation, you'll see that you'll feel so well that you can even walk miles and miles without getting tired. Obviously, this is possible, I repeat, if you're not so much "dirty", either because during your life you followed a mucuslean diet, or because you started the transition diet, or because you've come to the superior state of health and you've become a true and pure Ehretist, just as it was, for example, Steve Jobs. Yes, he has followed the mucusless diet too, up to the point of being able to eat just fruits. But his fame led him to accept invitations to banquets and classy meetings, and he could not reject what was offered; he had again to deal with the throng nutrition, and we all know how that ended. These are the words of Steve Jobs:

"I was actually a fruitarian at that point in time. I ate only fruits. Now I'm a garbage can, like everyone else. And we were about three months late in filing a fictitious business name, so I threatened to call the company Apple Computer unless someone suggested a more interesting name by five o'clock that day. Hoping to stimulate creativity. And it stuck. The interest has arisen reading the works of Arnold Ehret. And that's why we're called Apple."

In this lesson you learned that:
  • when you are sick, the first thing Nature orders is FASTING;
  • if you brusquely start a fast with a very clogged body, you may choke it in your own mucus, even risking death; purifying the body with the mucusless diet, fasting can be conducted even for many days without risk;
  • once the body, during fasting, has dissolved most of the mucus and expelled it, you feel better than before, fitter and stronger.