Love for Nature


I'd like to remind you, once more, that no animal in nature combines processed, sophisticated and unnatural foods, and no animal drinks while eating. Only pets do that, because they were civilised by modern man.
Now you understand that all those scientists who publish expensive books here and there, and who are keen on spreading their special "super combined and sophisticated" diet as the only one functioning, are all fake: the only valid and fully functioning diet is that of fruits and vegetables, at least until the body is perfectly purified. You'll see that, if you follow this diet for some time, if you purify at your best, you'll feel satisfied with just a good and fresh fruit, and nothing else. No comparison with that super refined throng foods! They only burden and harm you, stop, you can't deny it.


    FOR A BAD STOMACH (mucous or acid): increase the amount of vegetables and decrease the amount of fruits;
    grate some carrots (or beet or celery), add finely sliced banana and some raisins or dried figs. NEVER MIX NUTS WITH WET FRUITS.

    FOR A BETTER STOMACH: you can safely eat more fruits than vegetables; slice an apple and add some grated carrots (or beet or celery); you can add raisins, dried figs and honey to make the combination more efficient in eliminating mucus.
    It may be harmful to overdo the aggression of combinations, because fruits dissolve mucus, shake it and form gas. Therefore, better to start the diet with cooked fruits, or at least raw and cooked together, and make extensive use of cooked vegetables rather than raw.

    If you're going through that initial period where you often are in the dumps and feel a strong desire for certain unnatural foods, you can try this dish, perhaps too rich, but satisfying for your hungry palate:
    some grated coconut mixed with apple compote, stewed plums or apricots, very ripe baked bananas, grated walnuts or other nut cream.
    Since walnuts are particularly rich in protein, it's recommended to eat a meal like this once in a while, only if you are very hungry and simply vegetables are not enough.

    You should use only ONE type of cooked vegetables in a meal, mixing it with other raw vegetables. If you boil vegetables in very little water, or if you cook them in oven (not too much, don't dry them!), you'll notice they become sweeter: this is because carbohydrates are transformed into fructose; in this way you improve vegetables without losing mineral salts.
    One of the most important things in a transition diet is the gradual change in taste of foods: sweet cooked vegetables and stewed fruits will satisfy the palate of the throng consumer; he will slowly adapt to those flavours, until he won't need to cook certain foods anymore and will have plenty of them even raw.

    Chew together raisins, figs or dried fruits with raw onions; or you can try the grated horseradish, sweetened with honey; or sliced radish (preferably the black one), mixed in the salad.

    This particular recipe is not recommended for those who have a very mucous stomach, but is able to recover even a paralysed person:
    squeeze four lemons, grate the zest of one lemon and add it to the juice; sweeten it with honey or brown sugar.

    There are many possible dressings:
    • olive oil with lemon juice;
    • a tablespoon of peanut butter or other nuts, dissolved in water and with a little lemon juice;
    • homemade mayonnaise with lemon juice instead of vinegar (but only during the transition diet);
    • homemade tomato sauce, or additiveless gravy.

    During the transition diet, you may feel very thirsty, because the substances dissolved in your body are salted. You can quench your thirst with a nice fresh lemonade, sweetened with honey or brown sugar.
    All fruit juices, with no additives and no added sugar of course, are excellent, and the best is apple juice.
    The coffee, all types of coffee, can be consumed during the transition diet.


  • a drink in the morning;
  • lunch: one or two types of fruits;
  • dinner: mucuslean or mucusless vegetables.

This menu leads a healthy average man to a better condition.
Iinstead, if the patient received large quantities of drugs, the "standard" menu is not enough: the diet needs to be continuously varied according to the patient's situation, to remove more or less rapidly poisons, and always under strict control. If drug toxins are mobilised too quickly, the patient is likely to feel very sick, have very high heart beats, even tachycardia. In this case, it's very dangerous to go overboard with powerful and intense combinations of fruits and vegetables, risking more damage to the patient's health.
Then, you will understand that the "mucusless diet healing system" is not a stupid thing that anyone can undertake; this is serious nutrition, which can heal without any problem several diseases, which can lead to a temporary suffering in case of more serious diseases, and which can be harmful if followed in a vague and confused way. Therefore, I keep telling you that it is not enough to know WHAT to eat.
Obviously it takes time for your body to purify itself completely. It's just like doing housework: one thing is passing a fast and shallow wipe (like when you eat a lot and unnatural foods, and then eat a little vegetables); another thing is picking up the whole house from top to bottom and thoroughly cleaning it, with substances that provide cleanness without dirtying (like fruits and vegetables diet, without other foods which can "dirty" again the body). You must not be in a hurry, you can't expect to feel better quickly overdoing mixtures and refined menus: this way, you'll never get complete healing and the superior health; you must just wait, have patience and perseverance.


  • If you eat starchy foods (such as potatoes), you're following a mucuslean diet. These foods may become less harmful (because the starch is mucus-forming and "sticks" to the walls of the body) if you cook them well in the oven. For example, the more potatoes and bread are toasted, the less they become starchy.
  • Grains should be eaten far roasted: this way, they become an excellent bowel "broom" and take a pleasant sweet taste.
  • Even rice is mucus-forming: it forms a good paste. If you leave it overnight in water, then you can fry or bake it in the oven, making it harmless and tasty.


Mix a rough bran flour, or whole wheat flour, with raw grated carrots; add only as much white flour as neccessary to keep the dough; add some grated apples and a handful of grated nuts; also, if desired, some raisins. Bake very slowly and well, or eat it well toasted.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • in nature, all animals (except domestic the domestic ones) eat only one type of food, without varying combinations, and don't drink during the meal;
  • if you have a mucous stomach, it's best if you consume more vegetables than fruits, and if your stomach is in better condition, you can eat more fruits than vegetables;
  • if, during your life, you have made ​​extensive use of drugs, you absolutely must not insist on an aggressive diet: you risk damaging your body, because the poisons of medicines are stirred up too quickly, causing discomfort to your heart and making you feel bad;
  • starchy foods (such as potatoes and all types of flour) can become harmless if well toasted;
  • when your body is well cleaned and regenerated, you'll notice that you feel full and satisfied even with a good fresh fruit.