Love for Nature


Now you know most of the diets in the world. And you know why all these diets are not efficient in time, even though they have done good in terms of healing, though never completely: as long as medicine will think that cells are consumed and therefore they need to be replaced; until it finds out what's the mysterious source of the origin of diseases; as long as it keeps indicating with numbers and chemical formulas the amount of nutrients REQUIRED for the growth and development of the body, there will be no progress for the proper establishment of the body, nor for the solution to disease, especially for those most incurable, such as genetic diseases.
The throng listens to its own words, believing and convincing itself they are absolutely right; but it never listens to Nature, to its demands and its needs; conclusions are: the throng self-harms without realising it, thinks it can defeat evil with its own poisonous hands, but Nature overcomes it and wins; throng hopes to improve its health by improving its diet, but ignores which foods are really healing; it trusts to expert dieticians, who think they know superior nutritions for special diseases, but which in reality do nothing but harming patients; if the throng decides to embark on a diet of fruits and vegetables, it feels pain and discomfort and gives up, thinking that it's wrong not to introduce any substances (useless and sometimes harmful). Everyone talks about: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and so on! Throng doesn't accept the idea that the mucusless diet has great healing effects to the body and that this causes discomfort, sometimes even intense. But people don't have patience, don't want to suffer, even for that short period of purification, followed by a higher state of health, never tried before: they don't have patience to go through the transition diet.
The "Mucusless Diet Healing System" differs from other common diets, because it is not a collection of different menus for each disease, it's not a combination of "ready" and valid nutritious foods, it's not a medical prescription; it is a diet system for removing diseased material, waste, toxins and mucus; it is a system for slowly changing the throng diet and improving it in healing diet; it is a healing process through which every sick person must go, if he wants to be perfectly healed and reach a SUPERIOR STATE OF HEALTH.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • the throng copies each other, believing that what everybody say is absolutely true and sacred, to be followed;
  • it does not accept the idea that a true healing diet often causes physical pain and suffering, but precisely because it's having some effect; for this reason it loses confidence and falls into error, returning to old throng eating habit;
  • the mucusless diet differs from the other because it's designed to heal, purify, and not to nourish;
  • foods are suitable to man, but man doesn't adapt to food: if he keeps thinking that way, he'll squander the opportunity to enjoy a superior health and will continue to feel sick.