Love for Nature



The vegetarian diet excludes only the meat and its derivatives, but replaces it with high protein foods in the same way. Vegetarians mix together fruit, eggs and milk, and cause overeating, but not just that: fermenting, fruits go into association with mucus-forming foods and cause - in this way - the formation of carbonic acid and diseases.
Adding a large amount of fibers (cereals) to this diet, does not improve the situation: too much fiber causes bowel inflammation and certainly doesn't cure the disease.
Same goes for mineral salts: many doctors think that mucus-forming foods are deficient in minerals and think to integrate them chemically; perhaps, the body will feel a bit relieved, but it won't certainly heal completely.


There is an extreme diet called "raw food": essencially, ANY food should be eaten raw and not cooked, because you think that cooking foods eradicates their nutritional properties; in reality, wrong cooking destroys healing qualities (efficiency) of foods, and can even cause them to become acid-forming. True, vegetables consumed in a raw state contain healing properties potentially greater than not cooked, but it is also true that - once cleared the body - the raw foodists are deficient in grape sugar, which can also be found in vegetables, but only when they are cooked. COOKED fruits and vegetables are useful as less aggressive solvent for mucus and poisons, to moderate the elimination in the worst cases: a fundamental point that raw foodists completely ignore, in the sense that they don't know it at all.


Horace Fletcher, an American guy, developed a diet consisting of eating - throughout the day - even just a sandwich (or whatever you like), but chewing each bite at least for 10 minutes. In itself, this diet works because it is a disguised fasting (stomach and digestive organs rest), but in the long run the non-presence of solid and healing food accumulates mucus and creates constipation.


If you replace all three daily meals with three cups of milk, obstructions in the body are much smaller, you feel better, you have opportunity to eliminate problems and, often, to heal from disease. But in the long run this method fails: milk, actually, is one of the most mucus-producing foods, since it is highly viscous and rich in nutrients, not required by the body.


Even here we can find a disguised fasting: eating only dry bread for three days, nothing else, and WITHOUT DRINKING, and - on the fourth day - eating and drinking light wine at will, even at night. On one hand, this diet works because it eliminates a lot of mucus, but on the other hand, it damages the body, because it weakens the heart and you lose the great elasticity of your tissues, due to the sudden changes of nutrition: the body needs a constant nutrition and not abrupt changes!

You could go on and on, diets in the world are many; but all of them are in vain, they fail - sooner or later - because ALL OF THEM emphasise the NUTRITION, rather than the curative efficacy, as already explained. Every now and then, one of these diets becomes fashionable and people behave like monkeys: everyone goes following that diet, which in any way won't work.
The only diet that never fails (and this has been proven in more and more cases, all different) is the MUCUSLESS DIET, consisting solely of fruits and vegetables, old-fashioned, badly understood, but which could save humanity from its diseases.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • a vegetarian diet does not cure any disease and is not any different from the common throng nutrition, as it does nothing else but replacing meat with other high protein foods;
  • the raw food diet is sure to fuel the body with the properties of raw foods, but it lacks of fructose;
  • long chewing food before swallowing it is a good rule, but that does nothing else but accumulating mucus that is never expelled;
  • milk is too much mucus-forming to be considered curative food;
  • sudden changes in eating habits damage your tissues and your organs;
  • you do not have to focus on the NUTRITIONAL properties of food, but on the HEALING ones.