Love for Nature


Recovery methods are innumerable, but the field can be divided into:


Medicine and its drugs have existed for many decades, almost centuries. For all this time, science has always wondered why medicines worked (i.e. they relieved disease symptoms) only for a limited time, without finding an answer. That's the reason: when in a body there's a "disease", which is nothing but expulsion of mucus and poisons, if you take a drug (i.e. other poisons) the body stops dealing with the mucus and tries to expel this new harmful substance, with the result that you feel relief from the symptoms of the disease. But when the body ceases to dissolve the chemicals, it goes back to taking care of the mucus: here is when symptoms return and you think you should take a new medicine.
Drugless healing methods, instead, can be divided into:

  • Physical Treatments;
  • Mental Treatments;
  • Dietetical Treatments.


The purpose of these treatments is the elimination of substances through repeated vibrations throughout the body. This is what happens, for example, through Chiropractic. Though the problem is that you feel relief for a certain period of time; but, since the substances have not been eliminated, but only put into circulation, symptoms return soon. In the case of the back, if you dissolve some mucus, this will soon accumulate between the vertebrae and cause, if you insist with chiropractic, further pain and not healing. Therefore, along with physical treatments you should join a proper diet, the mucusless diet: only in this way you will not only feel relief, but also permanently heal from any symptom.


It's known by all that mind affects the body, as well as body affects the mind. When you're worried, tense or nervous, your body reacts accordingly, i.e. you feel physically different: you may have more appetite (or less, it depends on the person). Mental treatments are designed to deceive the patient into believing that his illness is purely psychological. But this type of therapy works partially: the disease can show itself in other ways, but mostly it keeps the patient unaware of the true identity of the illness itself, and he will never know what it is.
This problem occurs especially in religion: many think they are cured by a miracle, but in reality it's only the body that was able (in some way, either by fasting, or by taking non mucus-forming foods) to dissolve the mucus at that particular point and the person feels better.
You can't pretend not to be sick! If you feel bad, try to heal yourself with a proper diet, and don't pretend to cover up the symptoms with psychology!

In this lesson you learned that:
  • drugs do not cure the disease, but cover the symptoms for a while; when the body ceases to dissolve drugs, symptoms come back again, perhaps no longer in the same place as before, but you never stop feeling pain;
  • miracles don't happen in Nature: do not expect to be healed, or to heal from any disease thanks to a prayer or to Faith, it's just psychology;
    WARNING: I'm not saying that you don't have to be a believer or throw away your Faith, if you have one; I'm just stating the reality in front of you: nobody heals with miracles, they don't exist, at least not in nutrition and even in diseases;
  • the true heavenly foods are natural foods which don't produce mucus: fruits and vegetables.