Love for Nature



As a result of the first three misconceptions of medicine, it follows that blood composition is defined wrongly, too: you think that white blood cells are particular living cells needed to fight diseases and protect the body from them; but the reality is that they are nothing but waste, toxins, mucus, unused substances from foods, indigestible by human body, unnatural and therefore not assimilated. You can't deny it, because white blood cells increase when there is an ongoing illness, during digestion and come from high protein foods. And then, with all these white blood cells in abundance, your skin is pale, but if you are healthy (i.e. you have not much mucus), your colouring is more intense. The secret is the iron: red blood cells have this colour due to iron oxide and a combination of sugary substances, but which can not be recognised by ordinary chemical analysis, since "hidden" in a particular form, the albumin (which should be burnt to get the desired results).
The sugary substance that forms the albumin with iron, when in contact with the air, is transformed into "gelatine" and helps to close quickly a wound. The reason why that doesn't happen - but on the contrary a wound involves a loss of blood - is that the body is not purified and the sugary substance is not sufficient to make this happen. This happens because every day you fill the stomach with meat, starches, sweets, fruit, etc., in varying amounts, but all TOGETHER. It follows that your body is weighed down, develops acidity and diseases.
Now, take this test: the next time you eat, take a portion of yours (of what you usually eat, meat, pasta, eggs, dairy products, etc...), put it in the oven at 35 degrees (body temperature) with a lid for about an hour, then turn off everything and leave it there all night. The day after open the lid... and good luck!

In this lesson you learned that:
  • white blood cells are not living cells needed to fight diseases as medicine believes, but waste substances which increase when you are ill;
  • red blood cells are made up of iron oxide and a special combination of sugary substances, and they give a beautiful colour to your skin when you are healthy, that is, when you have little mucus in the blood;
  • the sugary substance, when in contact with air, becomes a kind of gelatin which closes rapidly a skin wound; however, the more your body is full of mucus and toxins, the less that gelatin is formed, with the result that your wound keeps bleeding and struggles to heal; on the contrary, the more your body is clean, free from mucus and white blood cells, the more your wounds will close without shedding a drop of blood;
  • if you eat protein and unnatural foods all together, you'll develop acidity and you'll get sick faster.