Love for Nature



For years you've thought that when a person feels weak, tired, exhausted or is ill, he has to take large amounts of protein foods, such as meat. But high protein foods act as stimulants for a short period, because they decompose in toxins at high temperatures, like that of body. You know when you let there a steak in summer with 30 degrees? Then you'll know exactly what happens shortly thereafter.
All these theories have not been guessed, but tested and not by one person: they are the result of experiments done by several professors, including Chittenden, Hindede, Fletcher and Ehret of course. All of them have clearly demonstrated that poor or absent protein foods, such as fruit, develop a great power and high strength.
But do not forget that proteins, as they are formed by cells, are composed of nitrogen and oxygen: therefore, it would be enough to take large amounts of nitrogen and oxygen in order to have everything the body needs; then it would be enough just breathing air; unfortunately, this is possible only in a body perfectly free from waste materials (like the Hindu "fakir").

In this lesson you learned that:
  • if a person is weak and sick, it is very harmful to feed him with high protein foods;
  • cells do not need protein, since they already produce them (what's the use of bringing a pair of shoes in a factory that produces shoes?);
  • high protein foods are the primary cause of disease and degeneration of man.