Love for Nature


From the previous lesson you've noticed that there are several incorrect medical concepts, which must be corrected by a NEW PHYSIOLOGY; they are:

  • the theory of blood circulation;
  • metabolism or change of matter;
  • high protein foods;
  • blood composition;
  • blood building.


If the theory of blood circulation is incorrect, medical science will never understand what diseases are. The lungs circulate blood and the latter drives the heart; in fact:

  • increasing the air pressure, the increased respiration accelerates the circulation and thus the number of heart beats;
  • if you enter into circulation a stimulant, such as alcohol, the heart speed increases; vice versa: if you take a paralyzing, the speed decreases.


Medical science is convinced that body cells are consumed, and therefore must be continuously replaced with high-protein foods. Actually, what medicine sees as "metabolism", is nothing more than the elimination of unnecessary waste from cells as soon as the stomach is empty.

The body does not eject, nor consume, nor burn a single healthy cell!

As a consequence of the errors of science, the conclusion is that your body can't survive without solid food, protein and fat, and when you fast, your body is nourished by your own flesh; but consider the Indian "fakir" Prahlad Jani: he has fasted (i.e. he has eaten nothing at all) for over 70 years, he's just skin and bones, but he's still alive; how can his body, according to you, be nourished by his own flesh?
Here is the conclusion: the more a body is clear of mucus, the more can fast for a long time, since the entire body is free to work unhindered.
Unfortunately, the throng don't believe this obvious reality, but trust in medicine; it follows that the more they keep with these misconceptions, the more they risk to kill themselves with their own nutrient "foods".

In this lesson you learned that:
  • the speed of a valve (the heart) depends on the pressure;
  • during a fast, the body does not consume itself, but takes the opportunity to expel mucus.