Love for Nature



this is the formula of life, but also that of death: in fact, the greater the "O", the lower the "V"; in other words, the more your body is blocked, the less you are "alive".
The human body can be viewed as an air-gas engine, of which the lungs are the pump and the heart is the valve, as opposed to medical physiology teaching. Don't forget that the respiratory system is by far the most important in Nature: you can live for an indefinite period without food (only if your body is perfectly clean), but you can not live without air, except for a few minutes. Have you ever wondered why you have to breathe in order to live? Well, it's simple: from the air you get food for your cells, so that they can build proteins you need. Anyway, this concept will be explained more clearly later.

The secret of "P", the power, is the constantly counter-pressure air in the body, and this is possible thanks to the elasticity of animal organisms, a special elasticity obtained through a combination of calcium and sugars.
The more the air is pure, the more you feel pleasure to breathe; you get more vitality and health also through physical exercises in the open, fresh and clean air: in this way the body vibrates and the "O", the obstruction, circulates. You feel relief from your disease, but you don't eliminate it: actually, fresh air is not enough to cure a disease, you need it just to contribute to its elimination.
Remember that it's not enough to know what to eat: having the right foods is not always enough to clear your obstructions. Often you try to eliminate obstructions too quickly, with the result that you feel good for a while; but the obstructions, now circulating in the blood, amass fast, with the result that you feel weak. You blame the new diet, you start again eating wrong foods and you feel better; you lose confidence and you think "I have tried, but it is wrong." Diseases come back and you don't know what to do.
Unfortunately dietitians reason like that: they believe that a "fast" diet can lead to the patient's health, but in reality it only causes their downfall, which will be felt not much later.

Summing it up, the reality is that:

  • VITALITY, POWER and STRENGTH don't derive by food, but by the amount of obstructions in the body;
  • removing "O" by artificially increasing "P" and shaking, vibrating tissues through physical treatments, is done at expense of "V";
  • once removed "O", a perfectly clean body gets pleasure even just from air and water, since there is no friction and the body works without obstructions;
  • in a perfectly clean body, feeling well can be increased thanks to:
    ~ electricity
    ~ ozone
    ~ sun-light
    ~ warm shower/bath
    ~ good smells of fruit and flowers.
In this lesson you learned that:
  • the formula of life is: VITALITY = POWER − OBSTRUCTION;
  • the only fresh air provides relief to your disease, but it doesn't cure it;
  • if you try and eliminate obstructions too fast, you risk getting the opposite effect, i.e. malaise and even more obstruction;
  • dietitians don't know what the true diet is, and they often harm their patients' body, rather than healing it; the true diet is only the "mucusless diet";
  • a diet, such as the mucusless diet, helps to CLEAN and not to FEED, as medicine and the throng believe;
  • a obstructions-free body can live only by air and water for an unlimited time.