Love for Nature



The secret of a good natural blood building is a diet low in harmful and wrong foods, i.e. foods that don't produce mucus. Health and disease depend essentially on the state of blood (if good and healthy, or if acid and sick), and the state of blood depends exclusively on nutrition.
By continuously introducing natural food which contains vital elements (food that doesn't produce mucus), you allow your body to feel relief from the constant stress of nutrition and, through the circulation of blood, you help your entire body to get rid of therein mucus.
Medical science errors are caused by a mental assumption: since muscles and tissues throughout the body are made of proteins, then you must introduce these proteins in order to maintain and store organs. Which means: you have to eat muscles to build muscles, protein to make protein, fat to make fat and, in the case of a mother breastfeeding her child, drink milk to make milk. Isn't that absurd? Try to reason like this: the cow eats exclusively grass, yet produces bones, tissues, blood, milk, etc. Would you ever give a cow milk, so that it produces milk? Yet humans do this to themselves, maybe not with milk, but with everything else, such as the most widespread example: eating dairy products and introducing calcium to produce the needed calcium to build bones.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • blood must be free from waste and mucus, in order to be defined "good" and healthy, and this is possible only by eating foods that don't produce mucus;
  • a cow eats only grass and, by that, it develops its whole body, from tissues to bones; the human body is not very different from that of a cow, so much so that cells of both are called "animal"; so, why should humans ever feed on unnatural food?
  • it's useless to insist on forcing your body to assimilate substances such as protein, iron, calcium, etc., in any case it never will: the body doesn't need substances to produce substances!
  • the key substance for a good blood building is the carbon hydrate, grape sugar (fructose), present in fruits and vegetables;
  • just eat fruit and vegetables and automatically you'll heal from any disease.