Love for Nature


People looking "dumpy", from a mechanical point of view, have their body obstructed especially because they eat starchy foods; on the other hand, people looking "thin", like assiduous carnivores, produce uric acid, other poisons and pus.
There are few questions that describe the seriousness of the situation of a patient:

  • how long have you been sick?
  • what did the doctor call your disease?
  • what was the nature of the treatment?
  • how much and what kind of treatments have you taken?
  • have you ever been operated?
  • what other kind of treatments have you taken before?
  • age, sex, whether a disease is inherited.

But most important of all is knowing:

  • your diet at present;
  • your special craving for certain foods;
  • your wrong habits;
  • if constipated and how long;
  • what kind of diets, if any, were used before.


The most exact, unerring diagnosis we have is a short fast: the more the patient feels unwell during the fast, the more his body is blocked, filled with mucus, toxins, uric acid and other poisons. If the patient feels pain in any area of the body, it means he has the most part of mucus in that area and it is melting. In this way, Nature will indicate the patient where and how he will get sick, if he does not purify himself; this is the PROGNOSIS OF DISEASE.
Perhaps few people know this, but it is from the colon that every symptom or illness is completely shown up (i.e., the colon is the first origin of human symptoms).
All diseases, from the common ones (as a cold), to the worst ones (such as cancer), have the same origin, and the same therapy; even a toothache is a clear symptom of an excess of mucus (the body tries to inform the patient he is eating too much and too many wrong foods); even stuttering is: mucus in the throat that interferes with the vocal cords; a pimple is the elimination of mucus; the same goes for dandruff and herpes; even mental illness can be treated in the same way: it is due to congestion and gas pressures in the brain.


In order to heal a sick body, or even just to become Drugless Healer, you must first know the origin of the disease (which now you've fully learned) and be able to make a correct diagnosis, which gives you a correct idea of the real condition you want to heal. The latter is possible through a look at Nature: via the MAGIC MIRROR.
All you need to do is to fast for a few days, or simply follow the mucusless diet; through the magic mirror, you will discover:

  • in what area of the body it can be found an accumulation of mucus;
  • the amount of mucus throughout the body, visible from a slimy coating on the tongue and the presence of toxins in the urine;
  • how many feces not evacuated hamper the natural production of blood and, more generally, the sliding of the Nature of body.

Once fasted and learnt the state of health of the body thanks to the magic mirror, you need to start the mucusless diet, allowing the body to begin the HEALING PROCESS.
It may scare you a little knowing that, during a few-days fast, your tongue will tell you how much you are "dirty", and from your breath you can understand if and how much your tissues are decaying. Cancer, in fact, is nothing more than a part of your body in decomposition, producing pus and germs, and - if not treated as soon as possible with the mucusless diet - will bring you to death.
During the healing process, you may have symptoms - feel a bit bad, or even have a fever: the latter because the dissolved mucus creates friction with the rest of your body, causing the temperature increase; but don't be alarmed and, above all, don't try to heal with medicines: have patience and you will feel good, and more: you will feel better than before.
If you feel nervous or feel you had heart disease, it is certainly a large amount of drugs stored in your body, which you are now melting.
As soon as your body will begin to expel mucus, you will notice that the number of white blood cells will decrease: they are nothing more than waste substances, mucus and toxins.


Don't think - just because you're young - you're not sick! Actually, everyone, even the most healthy-looking person is sick, he just doesn't know it, because his doctor didn't detect any disturbance.
Maybe you think you can continue to eat wrong food just because you feel good; truth be told, it's only because you are young and your body can stand it despite the mucus; but do you know what happens in the long run if you keep that? The mucus will accumulate more and more, until you start feeling some pain in here, some other pain in there, as long as these little small pains will turn into trully serious illness and sometimes even fatal!
Anyone, at any age, at any time, can fast and take the mucusless diet. An ordinary person will need one to three years alternating between fasting and eating mucusless food, so that his body is really clean; longer periods are required by sick people or those looking "dumpy".

In this lesson you learned that:
  • fasting is the most accurate diagnosis of diseases of patients, and not the complex system of medicine;
  • diseases in different names have the same origin, mucus, and the same therapy, fasting and mucusless diet;
  • after fasting, you have a clearer mind, ordered ideas take place of random thoughts, and, today, different ideas are due to nutrition;
  • everyone, even the healthiest, can start the mucusless diet, from the youngest to the oldest.