Love for Nature


The mucus described in the previous lesson is not solely responsible for the constipation of the human body: in addition there are medications, taken - in most common cases - since childhood and NEVER eliminated (like the waste products of food), but stored up in tissues for decades. If you follow the mucusless diet, mucus is dissolved with some medicines and reaches the kidneys and then is expelled; it's more than likely, at this point, you'll feel bad, you'll have tachycardia or other strange symptoms. An ordinary doctor will not only blame the lack of food, but will also prescribe you medication against your alleged illness, aggravating even more your situation.

The state of permanent accumulation of toxins and mucus is called LATENT DISEASE.
As soon as the mucus is dissolved and starts to circulate in the body, it causes discomfort, which is differently named - depending on which organ is hit. Actually, this discomfort is due to the mucus, which is accumulated in greater quantities in some points of the body, rather than in others: this is an effort of Nature (the nature of the body) to eliminate toxins and waste, and it's called ACUTE DISEASE.
Doctors don't understand the origin of the illness of their patients and so they try to treat them with chemicals and increasing consumption of unnatural food; in this way, Nature is hampered and takes much greater time to cure the body: this slow-to-heal disease state is called CHRONIC.

In this lesson you learned that:
  • medicine doesn't fully know the human body and it doesn't know what's the origin of disease;
  • medicine informs us on the NAME of the disease from which we are affected, but it doesn't expose us its cause; it follows that medicine produces chemicals in sufficient quantity to cover the symptoms of the disease, but is not able to cure it; when the effect of the medicine runs out, the disease shows itself again, sometimes with the same symptoms, sometimes with pain in other parts of the body;
  • medications, taken from the very first time in life, are never eliminated, but stored up in the body.