Love for Nature


Let me introduce myself: I'm a girl, my name is Olly..
In this Website I'm going to tell you my story, partly similar and partly identical to that of many other people, but with a - least be said - rare epilogue. But I'm not talking about my story in general - I'd like to tell you the story of my nutrition..

I was born in Russia and for about seven years I have been brought up in an orphanage. The food there was not so great: we - the children - used to eat soup of carrots and drink tea leaves. Rarely, we happened to eat Italian pasta, but only on special occasions. So, I grew up like that, with a diet low in nutrients, no milk and therefore no calcium, no meat and then neither fibers, nor protein, nor iron.
Yet I never felt disorders or illnesses of any kind. Only later did I shed light on this mystery, by chance, without realizing it..

Ever since I came to Italy at the age of seven years, for the first time I received a complete and plentiful nutrition: first course, second course, vegetables, desserts, snacks, breakfast, etc.. I immediately started to gain weight, but at the same time my health was weakening. Although I never got any serious illness, but only flues and similar and common diseases, I wondered why until I lived abroad I always felt so fit, strong and quiet, but since I was in Italy I always felt so heavy, weak, pale and often nervous. I always wondered why me and the other kids, who were with me in the orphanage, developed such strong bones, while not introducing any food rich of calcium - we didn't drink milk, we didn't eat cheese or other dairy products... and yet I grew so strong, as opposed to all those Italian and American guys, that grow up unhealthy since childhood.
I had come to think that it might be the nutrition, but I continued to feed myself in the same old way, as usual, convinced that the right way to enrich the body and stay healthy was to introduce carbohydrates, proteins, fats (just a few) and all the rest - just as ordinary people do, people I call the "throng"..

One day, by chance, I heard of a scientist, whose name I didn't know yet. Even though I had received only a short biography of that mysterious figure, I wanted to get deeper into it. I discovered that scientist, who lived between 1800 and 1900, was sufferring from an incurable disease (later I discovered it was tuberculosis) and began to follow a special diet. It seems unbelievable, but he healed! That's the reason why I got interested to the topic, and I asked for more information.

The enlightment I got after reading one of the books written by this scientist was so great and deep that I wanted to divulge his word.
I finally shed light on the mystery of why I was feeling better feeding myself only with carrots rather than meat and pasta, and suddenly everything became clearer to me: I was following the way of health..

Are you interested in this story? Or are you interested in the story of this scientist?
If so, you can continue reading, but I must warn you: this is not a common everyday speech, you don't hear this often on television, you don't hear other people talking about this scientist and his discoveries. If you are really interested and want to know more, keep an open mind, open to change, to new conceptions of life, to new physiologies. Don't be too attached to your ideas, or to the ideas of the throng, but try to reason..
and remember to always take even minimal teaching in everything you read or hear: it could come in handy in the future!

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