Love for Nature



If man had never invented, created and savoured the current "throng food", there wouldn't be all these health problems; he would continue to feed on Earth's fruits, like all terrestrials do, and would never ever ever be ill, even with the smallest and most common disease; he would live long, in harmony, at peace with himself and with other living beings, and would be satisfied with what is around him, without demanding more, without desiring more than what Earth offers him.

But the man has evolved too quickly, and began to develop misconceptions about his nutrition: he (don't know why!) thought - without a logical reason - that the body must be fed and gorged with food; he discovered the fire and thought, at random, that cooked meat is healthier and more nutritious; he started working foods on Earth, combining them, treating them, uniting them and mixing them up to make them harmful, and thought it was a delightful thing, poisoning this way himself and the further generations with unhealthy food, too much, too rich, that even animals disgust; he created the sin of gluttony and now he can no longer do without what he invented; he kept increasing his poison, working and struggling to get his poison, fighting and stealing to get his poison, renouncing more and more the Earth's fruits, the only truly healthy foods.

And now he has to deal with Nature, which rebels against this civilization and makes man suffer, man who never responds to the laws and demands of Nature, but to his palate, which continues and continues to require that unnatural food, which continues to claim what is his ruin; he doesn't feel well and still wants to keep on being damaged by these bad foods; he rejects the Earth's fruits, real medicine, and prefers to invent synthetic ones, even more harmful than those super fine foods!!

He becomes deaf to the rebuke of Nature and blind to the damage he does to himself; he ignores he's running towards an unnatural death and does nothing to stop it, because he doesn't WANT to stop!!

And now he still doesn't believe it when someone says that fasting is a natural medicine against diseases (those, too, unnatural because developed in parallel with the erroneous human nutrition); he doesn't believe it when it is explained that Earth's fruits, pure and natural, are the true food for living; he doesn't believe that the body should not be fed so much, even if you demonstrate in front of him that it is capable of self-feeding and that feeding this way, like he's done for centuries, makes nothing but pain, harms himself and gets sick!!

But no, man does not believe it; he prefers to get sick and suffer, rather than giving up all those meals in abundance, the cooked meat, the desserts, the flours, canned foods, foods super refined, processed, treated, sleek and made harmful just to look more attractive, deceive the eye and please the palate!!

Wake up!!
You are not children!!
Rather: you copy each other and convince you're doing the right and healthy thing, but you are all wrong, you have always been wrong, from the beginning, since when man was the first to think bad of his health, and was not satisfied with the fruits that have always been available to him, from the first day he set foot on Earth!!

But I hope you have carefully read everything I wrote, the very words of Professor Arnold Ehret;
I hope you won't only consider his statements and pretend to believe it, but you'll want to find out if it's all true, experimenting on your own body;
I hope you will save from this wrong nutrition, which only leads to discomfort and won't keep on making the same mistake of the "throng";
sI hope you aspire to a superior health and embark on the MUCUSLESS DIET.

If you keep an open mind to these teachings - apparently "wrong" just because they are not in accordance with the theories of doctors - you will find and convince you that it takes just one fruit (food of Nature) to satisfy, heal and prevent an entire body from any disease.

Tell me, will you keep on following the throng??
Do you want to keep on acting like a follower staggering in the darkness of the truth and do what the others do, that it is wrong, just because they think it's correct??
Or do you want to listen to the voice of Nature and follow the way to health??

The choice is completely yours, you are free to decide whether to continue on your way, the way of the throng; or to take a new way,